This smart jacket answers calls and connects to apps

Google and Levi’s are in the works of making a smart commuter denim jacket that has the ability to communicate with your smartphone and make things easier for you. It uses conductive yarn and connects over Bluetooth allowing you to control music, answer phone calls or even respond to messages. The computer trucker jacket has a touch sensate area on the cuff.  With just a swipe, you can answer phone calls and connect to apps like Google Maps, Spotify, or Strava on the fly.

Google smart jacketThe smart jacket can even control basic smartphone tasks, but for now, only Google partners, at least. The smart jacket is machine washable after removing the in-sleeve chip. The specialized conductive yarn can also be used in other garments. This tech is a part of Google’s project Jacquard from ATAP lab that they are building new fashion lineup by integrating sensors into garments, redefining smart clothing.

Google plans to expand this technology beyond jackets that may alter the future of fashion with technology. Google plans to release APIS for developers to create apps this fall. The price of the jacket hasn’t been announced yet but the jacket is expected to arrive in spring 2017 for public use.

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