Google smart home

Google will be unveiling its long-awaited smart home device, marking its entry into digital voice assistant market on Wednesday. The device is likely named Google Home that works much similar to Amazon’s Echo answering simple questions and carrying out basic tasks.

Driven by voice technology, the device will make its debut at Google’s annual developers’ conference in Silicon Valley. However, this device won’t be available until this fall. It is expected to take on the likes of Amazon Echo, a personal voice-enabled digital assistant that was launched short of two years ago. Amazon recently announced that it had already sold around three million units till now.

Google will be demonstrating the device at its conference and it seems to be the right place to unveil its Google Home. This will allow third-party developers to start building integrations with the device and make it available at the time of launch. Google’s early plan is a right move because it almost took over a year for developers to come out with full integrations with Echo.

While the leading players of consumer electronics are in works of virtual agents, there are questions arising about privacy and the type of information these devices collect from consumers. Though these companies defend them telling that they collect in order to make their agents to best serve you, but whether the info is in the right hand as they know everything about a consumer including your habits, interests, behavior, and lifestyle.


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