Google AR headset

There were talks among the tech buffs that Google killed plans of making an Oculus competitor, however, the tech giant is in the works of crafting a high-end dedicated headset that combines the features of augmented reality and virtual reality.

According to sources, Daydream (mobile VR platform) isn’t the only project Google is cooking in terms of virtual and augmented reality. The Android VR platform was unveiled at Google IO in May is the successor of Google Cardboard; however, Google has long terms plans to push forward. It’s a stepping stone towards more substantial hardware.

Recode reports that Google has deployed around 50 employees at the clandestine lab, working on a standalone VR device powered by a unique operating system. The headset that is currently in development will not require a phone or computer to power it. The headset will have a screen that may lean on augmented reality than present virtual reality systems. There’s no idea on how the headset would look like yet, however, it could be the device closer to Microsoft’s HoloLens or Oculus Rift.

Google has been investing tons of bucks on augmented reality. Google had already backed Magic Leap, a startup that is developing a headset with “mixed reality” that works similar to HoloLens. But it is not clear that Google is working on a headset that will use Magic Leap’s technology or an entirely separate project.