Google Chirp

Reports are starting to flow in stating that Google has a dedicated product team working on a personal digital assistant similar to Amazon’s Echo. The device will be using Google’s search and voice assistant technology to map user’s instructions, according to sources.

The device likely to resemble its OnHub wireless router and it has got a name ‘Chirp’, which may not go with the same name for the final product. Previous rumors have claimed that Google was working on a competing version of Echo, a compact speaker with voice tech assist.

Google will be making an announcement on the device at their developer conference next week with plans to make it official at some point later this year. Voice assistant tech can be enabled on Android phones with an “Okay Google” prompt. It is, however, not that powerful or efficient as Apple’s Siri or Microsoft’s Cortana.

Amazon has been pioneering in voice tech portfolio with its Echo with already having sold around three million units. Amazon is perfecting its hardware with information collected by Echo from users – what consumers search for, listen to and buy, and how they talk to machines. Amazon seems to be a threat to Google’s core business as web and mobile app users go to the online retailer for product searches.

We should hopefully get a peek at the device next week along with Android VR device.