Google Gboard

Google has launched a new keyboard for iOS called the Gboard that integrates Google’s search and keyboard then and there, allowing you to search anything like GIFs, emojis and more without leaving iMessage or any app that uses the keyboard.

Gboard simply puts Google search button onto the keyboard on any app that requires it, performing a way around multitasking. So you no need to pop out from the current app in order to look up for some information thus saving you a few app switches. Just hit the Google search button right in the word suggestion tab and get your needed information at hand. Google’s extensive search results can find restaurant info, flight times, news articles, animated GIFs, even dig through the thousands of new emojis. Tap the result, it will be automatically filled into the text field and send it across.

GboardThough it is a cool app, it is now available only for iPhones users in the US. However, it’s quite interesting that it isn’t making its way to Google Play Store for some point of time. We should, however, will get some good news for Android users at its I/O conference next week.

Earlier today, Google also released the updated Google Translate app that lets you tap to hold to translate from any mobile web page or app.