Project Fi

Google’s Project Fi wireless service now supports data-only devices including Nexus phones, tablets, iPads and other compatible devices.

If you’re already an existing Fi customer, you can order a free data-only SIM from the ‘Your Plan’ section by accessing your Project Fi account.

According to the company’s statement, “With this update, you can access cellular connection from tablets and other connected devices while on the go. Once you’ve ordered and received a data-only SIM, just pop it into a compatible device, follow the instructions, and voila: instant wireless connectivity. Just like with our phone plans, you’re charged a flat $10/GB for data and pay only for what you use. You can cancel at any time”.

You can link up to nine data-only SIM cards to your account and here’s the list of devices that are compatible with this service.

  • Nexus 7 – K009 (US LTE)
  • Nexus 9 – 0P82300 (US LTE)
  • iPad Air 2 – Model A1567
  • iPad mini 4 – Model A1550
  • Galaxy Tab S – Model SM-T807V

It also works with other unlocked tablets and phones that work with T-Mobile. Sadly, iPhone and Android smartphone owners are not in the list. But, the data-only SIM cards will not support tethering. If you would like to join the Fi service, you have to request for an invite, but waiting period is inevitable.

Before subscribing the service, it’s advisable to check whether you’re in Fi’s coverage area.

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