Hacking Group OurMine Hacks Netflix US Twitter Account
Hacking Group OurMine Hacks Netflix US Twitter Account

OurMine is a security hacking group which has good tracks of hacking most popular people and brands online accounts in the past. The latest in the list is the Netflix’s main Twitter account pertaining to the US, while other regions Twitter accounts were safe for now.

Earlier today, several anonymous tweets were posted on Netflix handle, which has been compromised by a well-known hacking group OurMine.

After Netfliz Twitter account was hacked, OurMine posted a tweet saying the account was hacked following a series of rogue tweets. Though, Netflic secured control over the account within minutes of the hack and deleted all those tweets, OurMine was back into action posting a series of tweets.

netflix twiiter account hacked
Netflix twitter account hacked

Within minutes after OurMine tweet, Netflix US and NetflixHelps Twitter accounts clarified that everything was under control.

OurMine tweets after hacking Netflix Twitter account
OurMine tweets after hacking Netflix Twitter account

But after their tweet, OurMine posted a dozen of tweets. The hack lasted for around 1 hour. Now the Netflix account is completely under the control of Netflix and all tweets were deleted.

OurMoine is well-known hacking group who were in the headline for hacking familiar personalities. OurMins has accessed online accounts of Facebook cofounder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s Twitter and Pinterest accounts, Google CEO Sundar Pichai’s Twitter account and even Twitter cofounder and CEO Jack Dorsey’s Twitter account.

OurMine hacks usually won’t be too serious causing trouble, but they claim hacks were carried out to show the importance of developing security habits and to buy consulting services from OurMine.

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