Apple September 2016 Keynote Live Updates

That’s all from launch Event.

AirPods ship late October, cost $159.

iOS 10 available on September 13th.

Preorders September 9th. Starts shipping September 16th.

iPhone Upgrade Program starts at 32/mo and gets you AppleCar+.

iPhone 6S and 6S Plus getting the storage bump as well.

7 Plus starts at 769, 32 to 256GB.

iPhone 7 starts at 649, starts at 32GB. Goes to 256GB.

iPhone 7 and 7 Plus have the longest battery life ever on an iPhone.

New GPU. 240x faster than the original iPhone.

A10 Fusion is the most powerful chip ever in a smartphone.

40x faster than A9 in the 6S, 2x faster than the A8. 120x faster than the original iPhone.

64-bit four-core processor. “It is a rocket ship.”

New chip called A10 Fusion in the iPhone 7.

And, that’s wireless.

Also a new Beats S line of wireless headphones.

New Beats Solo 3 wireless headphones. 40 hours of wireless. Powerbeats 3 wireless.

Beats is also coming out with a new line of headphones that uses the W1 chip.

Uses W1 chip.

So far the biggest value proposition of these might just be not having to go into a list of Bluetooth devices in Settings to pair them. A “connect” prompt is supposed to pop up on your phone when you take headphones out of their little case.

“There’s no buttons, there’s no switching, there’s no pairing, no unpairing, all things of the past.”

New Apple Wireless connection works with iPhone and Watch, you can switch easily.

Truly wireless. 5 hours of battery life.

A new product from Apple called Apple AIrPods.

“Third, we have a vision for how audio should work on mobile devices. Wireless.”

“Second, our smartphones are packed with technologies and we all want more. It’s all fighting for space in that enclosure. Maintaining an ancient analog single use connector isn’t a great use of space.”

“The courage to move on.”

 Schiller telling why the headphone jack is going away. “The reason to move on: courage. The courage to move on and do something new that betters all of us.”

Lighting adapter to connect audio jack

“We’re taking the headphones in iPhone 7 and 7 Plus to Lightning.”

Over 900 million Lightning-enabled devices. “The largest digital audio connector in the world,” says Schiller

Yep, no headphone jack.

Earpods. Now connecting over Lightning.

Stereo speakers on the iPhone!

Instagram is updating the app to support the new wide color gamut screen.

25 percent brighter, wide color gamut, color management, 3D Touch.

“This is the best camera ever made in any smartphone”

There’s a new photo style called “portrait” that allows you to create a depth effect.

“There’s one other use of this camera that we challenged our engineering team to do as an extra credit project.”

Drag the button to zoom from 1x to 5x, after 2x it’s a software zoom.

New button on the screen that says 1x that’s the wide-angle lens. Tap to jump to 2x with the telephoto lens.

“With two cameras and two lenses we can create a zoom feature in the iPhone.”

Two 12MP cameras in the Plus — a wide-angle and a telephoto.

iOS 10 supports RAW and wide color in other apps.

Front facing camera is now 7mp with auto image stabilization.

Optical Image Stabilizer on iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus

There’s even a new TrueTone flash with four LEDs that has a flicker sensor to make photos in artificial lighting look better.

New 12mp sensor that’s 60 percent faster and 30 percent more energy efficient.

New camera system is a huge advancement. Everything is new: optical stabilization, f1.8 aperture lens, new six-element lens.

iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus are water and dust resistant

IP67 resistant

Unique taptic feedbacks for actions, messages, notifications, ringtones, and other apps through the Taptic Engine API.

Home button reengineerd to be force sensitive solid state, with a Taptic Engine.

“The home button is quintessential Apple design — so simple and so powerful.”

A short video of making of iPhone 7

“A deliberate evolution of our original founding design.”

iPhone 7 — two cameras.

“The best iPhone we have ever created. This is iPhone 7.”

“I’d like to take a moment to talk about HomeKit — this is a huge moment for home automation.” Home app makes it easy to set up and manage your home devices, and manage from Control Center and Siri.

iOS 10 is the biggest iOS release everywhere. Going over the new iOS features: Siri in apps, redesigned maps, a better keyboard, etc.

“iPhone provides the best experience available by tightly integrating hardware, software, and services.”

“This makes iPhone the bestselling product of its kind in the history of the world.”

“There’s a reason you see so many iPhones everywhere you look — we’ve now sold over a billion of them.”

 Next up is iPhone 7

That’s all for Apple Watch

Apple Watch Nike+ available late October.

Original Watch is staying in the line, but getting the new dual-core processor. Renamed to Series 1, starts at $269. Preorders September 9th. Watch OS 3 on the 13th.

Nike is doing something called “Just Do It Sundays,” which turned Lauren into a gigglemonster.

There’s a social network called Nike+ Run Club that gently prods you to run based on weather, your friends, days of the week, and your personal sense of shame.

Not surprising Nike made its way on stage. Trevor Edwards, president of Nike on stage. “Nike has always been about innovation and inspiration for every athlete.”

GPS connects to the satellites instantly.Route map will show your varying speeds, for additional shaming purposes. Built-in GPS!

New display that’s 2x brighter. The brightest display Apple has ever shipped, at 1000 nits. “That’s a lot of nits.” Laughter. “It makes all the difference when you’re outside.”

New apps like Night Sky 4 can run at 60fps. 60fps on your wrist!

Dual-core processor that’s up to 50 percent faster, a new GPU with twice the graphics performance.

Put your Apple Watch Series 2 to the ultimate test: throw it inside a fish tank and leave it there.

New seals and adhesives all over the watch, and a redesigned speaker that actually expels the water when you’re done.

In order to waterproof it, you have to effectively close up the ports. Apple says it has redesigned the speaker on the new Watch so that the speaker actually has a mechanism that pushes out water.

First Apple Watch was “splash” proof. This is “swim” proof. Water resistant for 50 meters, withstanding the water pressure equivalent of 50m.

Pokemon Go will ship before the end of the year.

 Guy’s excitement when he hatched a new Pikachu on stage was admittedly adorable.

As you walk, it shows you notifications when you’re near Pokemon, and near Pokestops and gyms.

The Pokemon Go watch complication will show you how far you have to walk to hatch an egg, and the walk is recorded as a workout.

Pokémon Go has been downloaded more than 500 million times. Trainers have walked more than 4.6 billion kilometers while playing, which is some enormous number of strange euro-miles.

Pokémon Go comes to Apple Watch

John Hanke, CEO of Niantic Labs on stage. “It’s certainly been a hectic summer for us!”

Jeff Williams going over the updates in WatchOS 3 — the new touch keyboard, the Breathe app, the new SOS feature.

Apple is now the number two watch brand in the world, and the top-selling smartwatch. “But what really matters is delighting our customers.” Cook saying Apple Watch is doing great with customers.

It’s the “#1 smartwatch,” Apple’s slide says, but the smartwatch market is still relatively small. When you lump smartwatches and activity trackers together (as many analysts do), Fitbit still leads.

Cook says people are using Watch, 18 months into its existence, in many aspects of their lives. Notifications…Apple Pay…Health…

Apple Watch 2 Announcement started

iWork -live editing of slides to take on Google Docs

Apple demoed live editing of keynote slides

Okay Apple just announced “real-time collaboration” for iWork with the spectacularity of someone who invented the sun dial.

Next up is some iWork updates — they’re adding real-time collaboration to the entire iWork suite. The demo is live-editing the Keynote deck on screen, which is brave.

Cook said, “We can’t wait to see what these kids are going to do this school year… but we’re not stopping there. We believe every student should have the opportunity to code.” A new program called Everyone Can Code, which… teaches kids to code in Swift.

Starting with Keynote 2016 event, Tim Cook, CEO of Apple spoke few words about education. Apple powers a lot of schools and institution with Connect Ed Schools.