SoundHound has made its virtual assistant app, the Hound, publicly, a digital assistant similar to Siri, Google Now or Cortana that allows users to search for something or complete a task through voice commands. Currently, the app is integrated with services like Yelp and Uber, so you can rely on these services for your needs right now, and the company is hoping to add more services in the coming months. This is truly a cross-platform assistant that is now available for Android and iOS users.

“We had this vision in the year 2000,” Mohajer said. “We actually positioned the company to be the leader in that. We knew it would take many years. We were working on this well before Apple, well before Siri; we wanted to own all the core technologies. We wanted it to be a step change in quality.”

SoundHound is opening Hound’s API so third party companies and services can integrate with it. The tool is fast at doing calculations and pulling out the information, you asked for it. The cross-platform native language assistant offers basic tasks like setting alarm or reminder, or even checks the weather for you, tell you jokes through voice command. The app not only performs simple tasks, the app has the ability to handle complex and compound queries, listen for follow-up questions without you having to press a button again and more.

hound virtual assistantHow complicate the question can be?

You can ask, “Find me a hotel in Manhattan that charges less than $200 per night, allows pets, and has Wi-Fi.” And, of course, you’ll get a precise answer for that. This is possible because the app utilizes “speech to recognition” technology as opposed to “speech to text.”

Other virtual assistants like Siri or Google Now first translate voice to text, and then put the text into an engine that generates exact meaning for the test. But, Hound brings the translation tool a bit closer, so the app hopefully be quicker and more accurate than a tool like Siri, Mohajer, SoundHound CEO, said.

The app works with about 100 other services including Expedia, AccuWeather, Xignite, Yelp, Uber, and FlightStats for currency translation, voice dialing, navigations, booking, and other tasks. The company is touting these integrations as a key feature of Hound.

Hound is also only available for users in the United States. Though, Android users living elsewhere can also download the officially signed version of the app from APK Mirror third-party store, which seems to be working fine just about from anywhere.

Check out more about Hound here.


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