Apple employs 800 Engineers to Design and Develop Its iPhone Camera

It is hard to believe, but it’s true. Apple has a dedicated army of engineers working on the iPhone’s camera. This has been revealed on “60 Minutes” segment on Sunday night.

Although the camera of the iPhone looks like a single unit, but there are over 200 individual parts, says Graham Townsend.

Then he walked through the various testing conditions that Apple incorporates to test the camera’s performance, from bright sun to terrible lighting. “We can simulate all those here,” Townsend said.

“Over 24 billion operations run on the back of the camera to capture one image,” Townsend told.

Inside the camera are four tiny wires, each half the width of a human hair. The four wires create a “micro suspension” of the camera parts that can absorb the shaking from hands to get a steady shot.