How to Download Amazon Prime Content on Android Smartphones

Amazon Prime Content: The Amazon offline viewing feature was previously limited only to the Fire devices and with an update made in September this year, the feature was made open to the iOS and Android users.

To enjoy this feature, you must be a member of Amazon Prime, which is a $99 per year loyalty program.

However, you are restricted from downloading and viewing the prime content that varies by title because some content owners put restrictions on the time frame you can view the download videos.

Here’s the step by step procedure to download videos to the Android devices:

Step 1: Download and Install the Amazon Video app, walk through the setup process and sign into your Amazon account. Heads up, the app will not be available in the Google Play store. You’ll need to download the app from the Amazon’s Underground. Find it here, “How to install Amazon Underground on your Android smartphone”.

Step 2: Before heading to download a prime content, you’ll have to set default video quality. Here you go, tap the menu> settings > SD download quality, and then choose your preferred option. The recommended option would be good or better. If you choose higher quality, it will take longer to download, consumer more data and storage. Either good or better quality option will do well on your small phone screen. Also, you can choose “Always ask when downloading” option.Amazon video iOSStep 3: Surf for your favorite movie or TV shows you want to download, providing that not all media in the library supports the option. You’ll not see a download button if the content doesn’t support that option.Amazon Video androidStep 4: Just tap the download button for movies and if it’s a TV show, first choose the season you want to download, and then hit the download button next to the episode you want. You can also queue up multiple episodes to download.

Step 5: You will be able to watch the movies or TV shows, once you’re done.

If you wish to look at the download videos, just tap the menu, then downloads to see the content that you’ve downloaded. Tap the trash icon to delete a download.

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