How to Get New Free Reliance Jio SIM Card and Get it Activated in One Day
How to Get New Free Reliance Jio SIM Card and Get it Activated in One Day

The current trend in the country is the new electrifying Reliance Jio 4G Service which offers unlimited free data voice calls for lifetime, free unlimited 4G data, and free access to its premium apps until 31st of December 2016. However, it isn’t easy to get a new Jio SIM card as the stocks get depleted quickly.

How to Get New Free Reliance Jio SIM Card and Get it Activated in One Day

As this is a new service, the company is offering free service for three months from now. With Reliance Jio, the dream of Mukesh Ambani’s father has come true. A few debates spin around the new Jio 4G like how is it feasible for Jio to offer free voice calls and a great deal more. Because of its aggressive marketing strategies, its rival incumbents are under pressure of losing their potential customers.

Since it is offering free Jio SIM card, people has gone insane and searching for different contrasting options to get a new Jio SIM card. Each last Reliance Digital and Xpress Mini stores are flooded with customers trying to get a new Jio SIM card. Due to overwhelming response, the folks in the stores were not able deal with the masses, as Jio SIM cards get void in a couple of hours.

How to Get a New Jio SIM Card from Reliance Digital and Xpress Mini stores

As of now, Reliance Jio is authoritatively conveying SIM cards at Reliance Digital and Xpress Mini stores. In order to get a new SIM card, you ought to claim a 4G smartphone and on the off chance that it has VoLTE support, it’s tremendously welcomed.

In an event, you have a 4G smartphone in hand, simply download and install My Jio App from Google Play Store or Apple Store or Windows Store.

After installation, launch the app, you’ll be greeted with Preview Offer message. Select your state and city and after that enter your info and generate bar code.

The bar code is valid until December 31, 2016.

You have just reached half the distance of the road that leads you to a new Jio connection.

How to Activate Your Jio SIM Card

The bar code that you had generated is just a valid ticket for your Jio SIM card. Visit the nearest Reliance Digital or Xpress mini store, show the bar code and present your Aadhar card.

They will ask your thumb finger imprints and once you’re done, you’ll get your new Jio SIM card.

Activation of your new Jio SIM card may take up to 2 to 3 days. After you receive activation message on your registered mobile, complete televerification process by calling 1977 from your Jio SIM enabled phone.

Your Jio SIM card will be activated in almost no time.

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