Every Android owner should optimize these settings immediately

If you’re new to Android or just upgrading to a newer model, you’ve to tweak some factory settings in order to unleash the full potential of your phone. The out-of-the-box factory settings depend on how you take on your phone. These settings may help some and may not help others. So considering these simple tweaks will improve performance and battery life of your brand new Android phone.

As there are bunches of Android versions, the settings which I mention here might be different on your phone. However, there won’t be a much difference, but try these steps in the first place and then try out equivalent steps out there.

Disable new app shortcuts

There are several apps out there floating in the Google Play Store, and you may hit some of them. When you install a new app, the shortcut of the app will land on your home screen that makes your phone look cluttering, and it’s better to pull off the icons. That’s very simple thanks to Android. Open the Google Play app, and then tap Menu > Settings. Now clear the checkbox next to Add icon to Home screen.

And you’re done. No more new icons on your home screen but you can still add them through apps screen if you want.

Reduce the brightness of your screen

You’ve got your brand new phone, and not every phone will have a massive battery. The brighter your screen, the faster it juices up your battery. The beast way to keep up your phone’s battery is to crank down the brightness to at least 50 percent or even less.

To adjust brightness level, swipe down from the top. If there’s a brightness slider there, use it. If not, you may need to venture into Settings, and then tap Display and wallpaper. Either way, drag the slider to around the midway mark.

Lower the whiteness of your screen

This will improve the battery life of your phone to a substantial amount. If your phone has an AMOLED screen, then consider black wallpaper instead of white one. As the black pixels don’t need to be illuminated and that will save your phone’s battery to a great extent.

To crank down the whiteness, simple tap and hold a blank area of the home screen, then choose wallpapers from the list that appears. If there’s no basic black (or simply “no wallpaper,” which results in black) in the available choices, grab the Pure Black Wallpaper from Android Central. Use it for both your lock screen and home screen.

Turn on “Do not disturb”

If you don’t want your phone beeping for every call, chat, alert, or message in the night time, you may turn them off, especially when you’re in a deep sleep. There’s an option in Android “Do not disturb” where we can set your phone not to disturb you in scheduled hours.

The option tag differs from the version of the Android you use. Head to Settings > Sounds (or Sounds and notifications), then look for something along those lines. Using the feature, you can set up a range of hours (usually nighttime) that you don’t want to be disturbed.

Set up “Find my phone”

If you’re on a new phone, turn this feature on in order to locate or recover your phone when it is lost or stolen. You can do this using either in-built or third-party apps. There are a handful of apps in the Google Play Store, opt for any one of them, install and walk through the settings and finally, your phone is secured.

I’ve tweaked these settings on my phone, and if there is any, what Android settings would you recommend and why? Write it down in comments.