When you get brand new Apple Watch for the holidays, it may terrify you at first. Where to begin with? Looking for things on the user manual would be a terrible story for us. In order to use this amazing device in a simple way, I have rounded up some tips and tricks.

Here they are.

Things you Should Know About Your Apple Watch

Turn off the Sound

Turn off the SoundApple Watch will produce an audible sound for every incoming notification. Sometimes the sound may infuriate you when you’re not in the mood. So, it’s better to keep the notification sound shut when you set up your Apple Watch.

To do this, install the Apple Watch app on your IPhone. It allows you to control your watch all the way in just a few taps. Open the app, choose “Sounds & Haptics” and flip on “Silent Mode”. It’s pretty simple, right?

Replace the normal clock with your Apple Watch

Replace the normal clock with your Apple WatchYou can now use your Apple Watch on your nightstand. With the latest system update, if you place your watch on its side, a digital clock will take over the screen. Thanks to the developers for this amazing feature.

The display turns off after a few seconds; however, you can enable it at any time by jiggling the device.

Adjust your device’s vibration intensity level

Adjust your device’s vibration intensity levelYou Apple watch buzzes with every incoming notification. The vibration will be minimal in default and you may find too hard to sense the buzz.

You can adjust the vibrating “taptic engine,” open Apple Watch app on your iPhone, then tap the “Sounds & Haptics”, scroll down to “Haptic Strength” and adjust the slider accordingly. You may even enable the “Prominent Haptic” option if you want an extra tap with each notification.

Restrict notifications

Restrict notificationsWhen you pair your watch with your iPhone, you will get start receiving notification from all the apps that you have in your iPhone on your Apple Watch.

You can set the notification for the things you care the most. Navigate to notification menu in the Apple watch app, disable the apps you don’t want to receive alerts.

Use only the apps you actually need

Use only the apps you actually needThere are plenty of apps for the Apple Watch, but most of them mimic the features of the app on the small screen, which technically works better on an iPhone. They normally run slowly on your Watch than iPhone. So, ignore most of the apps and use them on your iPhone instead.

Pay with Apple Pay

Pay with Apple PayOnce you set up Apple Pay on your watch, you can trigger it anytime with a double tap on the button underneath the dial. Then just tap the watch against the special NFC pad wherever Apple Pay is accepted.

Modular watch faceModular watch face

The coolest feature in the Apple Watch provides much more information at a glance. It lets you view stuff like the current temperature, your next calendar event, your favorite stocks, and so much more. Try it out.

Out of the Box? Press the digital crown button

Out of the Box Press the digital crown button

If you are lost in the middle while using your Apple Watch, just press the digital crown button until you go back to the screen you want to.

Force Touch

Force TouchWith a single tap, you’ll be able to clear all the notification hanging on the notification drop-down menu.

To do this, press down hard on the screen of the notification menu. You’ll see a button popping up, just tap the button to clear off all the notifications.

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