Facebook Introduces Group Video Chat on Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger Group Video Chat

Facebook has finally answered to those who had requested the social network giant to add group video calling feature to its Messenger application. Facebook has launched Group Video Chat on Facebook Messenger and the new feature is available across Android, iOS and desktop right away.

Facebook Messenger Group Video Chat

A new update bearing the Group Video Chat feature is rolling out across all platforms starting today. In addition, Facebook also launched 3D Mask feature for video calls, but the feature is currently available on iPhone which will be rolled out to Android very soon.

Using 3D masks features, members of the group video chat can add mask to anyone in the group during group conversation. The Group Video chat can hold up to 50 members, but only 6 users will be seen at a given time. It will show only the dominant speakers and rest will be in the passive mode.

To start a group video call, you need to go to a group conversation and tap on the video icon on the upper right corner of the screen to launch. You can also directly call the entire group or few members of the group directly. Use this feature and tell us how it was in the comments below.

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