Google Search hacks

While I’m writing this article I‘m sure that there would be Millions of people around the world looking out for something on Google Search engine. But, how many of us are using the Google Search to its full potential. So, to help my fellow pals I have listed some useful search tips and tricks to get your work done efficiently

Use quotes to drill down for an exact phrase

If you want to find something specific, just put your search parameters in quotes. This will help Google to crawl pages having the exact phrase in same order.

Example: “throwback Thursday”

This will yield you the results have the phrase “throwback Thursday”. If you don’t use quotes, Google will search for the pages having these two words in any order.

Use minus sign to exclude any word

When you intend to pull out results from Google and you don’t want some words in your results, then you can use minus sign well before the word. When you search “Jaguar -car”, Google will pull out the pages excluding the word “car” in it. Literally, it will understand that you are looking for Jaguar animal.

Use Asterisk symbol to specify unknown word

When you search for a phrase with Asterisk (*) replacing a word, Google will yield all possible variations of the phase.

Example: “a * saved is a * earned”

Usage of “Site:” to search something on a specific website

If you want to search something on a specific website, then use “site:” keyword. If you want to see every time mentioned Technology, use the phrase “Technology”.

Use tabs

You’ll see Web, Image, News, Videos, Maps, and More tabs below the search tab where you write your phrase. Using these tabs, you can help Google to narrow down the results that you’re looking for.

Google news has over 100 years of news archived from newspaper around the world. So you can search any news even from 1870’s.

Use “Vs.” to compare things

When you search “Rice vs. Wheat” Google will show you side-by-side comparisons of the nutritional facts of rice and wheat.

Use “Define:” to learn meaning of words

If you put “Define:” in front of your search parameter, Google will tell you the etymology and other things.

Use “tilt” to tilt your screen

Write “tilt” in the Google search bar and hit enter you will see some magic happening on your screen.

Find pages that link to certain page

If you want to check the incoming links for a particular website, you can use this trick.


Google will return all pages that link to the New York Times official website.

Find sites that are similar to a web address

When you knew a website and want to know its similar websites, you can use this keyword.


If you search the above, you will find websites similar to Amazon. It’s a powerful Google search tool that can help you find new sites to browse.

Use Google search to do math

It’s quite complicated to describe because it can be used in so many ways.

Examples: 885*542+785

Square root of 354

When you search the above parameters, you’ll see the accurate results including decimals. Try out some equation and you’ll be amazed.

Use “OR” to find multiple phrases at once

By using this trick, you can search for one word or phrase along with a second word or phrase. This can help narrow down your search to help you find exactly what you’re looking for.

Example: marathon OR race

Use “info:” to get information about a website

Get information about a web address, including the cached version of the page, similar pages, and pages that link to the site.


Use “cache:” to see Google’s previous visit to a particular web address


Find a specific file type

Google has the ability to find a specific file type.

*Search term here* filetype: pdf

In the above example, you simply replace the search term with whatever you’re searching for. Then use the filetype command and enter the extension of any file type you can think of. This can mostly be useful for scholarly purposes, but business presentations and other assorted presentations can benefit from this kind of search as well.

Track your packages:

There’s no need to go to a specific courier website, then search for your package’s tracking information. Input any UPS, FedEx, USPS or any other courier services tracking number directly into the Google search bar and it’ll show the tracking information about your package.

Currency and Unit conversions

You can use Google search directly for both measurement units and currency value conversions. You can see the conversion rates between two currencies. Also, you can use it to convert from feet to meters or from ounces to liters.

The list never ends as Google keeps on updating its search algorithms to deliver accurate results. Precisely, Google search tool is an efficient and a very powerful search tool. If you use it in a correct way, you will get the desired results. However, Google is not a fortune teller so keep your search parameters simple and descriptive.