At this year’s CES, we’ve seen a bundle of robots showed off, and Intel has its own robot to show off that was created in partnership with Xiaomi portfolio company NineBot and Segway. The new Hoverbutler from Intel is the NInebot Segway (personal transporter) that can also transform into a robot. The robo-rideable butler can stream video, make cute expressions with its front display, and whatever else you want, really, since it’ll be open platform starting the second half of the year.

Intel also demonstrated the robotic role of the new hoverboard. Halfway through the demo, Intel gave it arms, to which the Hoverbutler replied, “Are those my arms? Awesome!” I’m smitten.

The company will be launching the developer kit in the second half of the year, and it seems the commercial version of Hoverbutler bot reportedly will be made available at some point of time later next year.


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