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A new report from China claims that Apple’s most anticipated iPhone 7 plus smartphone will equip a larger battery along with a massive storage than its predecessors.

According to MyDrivers, the upcoming iPhone 7 plus smartphone will include a 256GB inbuilt storage variant this year. Also, it states that new iPhone 7 series will pack a massive 3100mAh battery, which is claimed to be the highest among the iPhone series. If true, the upcoming iPhone models would come at exorbitant prices.

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Possibly the upcoming iPhone will have the ability to capture ultra high-resolution images and can record 4K videos as well. This could be the reason for introducing a 256GB variant. Other leaks suggests that the new iPhone would replace the lightning connector with a USB Type-C port, multi 3D touch, dual camera sensors and an in-display fingerprint recognition technology. An earlier rumor reports that Apple May gets rid of the 3.5mm headphone jack and include a lightning connector enabled earphones and adapters.

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Whatever you’ve read till now are just rumors and there are not any official announcement to justify the claims. So, all this should be taken with a high dosage of salt but interesting nonetheless.

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