Though it’s not intentional, a 3D animator has revealed that she has been working on Knack 2 for almost a year. A NeoGAF user cracked the info from Mindy Liang’s LinkedIn account, and managed to capture a screenshot of the page, however, the info has been pulled off, as soon as it made rounds. Here’s the screenshot:

Knack From the above image, we assume that the game is under development and she quoted, “animated 3D character motions and cutscenes for the PS4 system.” The game wasn’t awful because of its repetitive style of gameplay and linear level, it was praised by critics, though. Liang is allegedly said to be working at XPEC Entertainment, a Taiwanese game studio has also stated that she has been on Final Fantasy XV since August, which makes some sense.

Even though the PS4 is already popular, it does lack on some platform games. If it is true, Sony would make an official announcement sometime this year, with a release date pointing the second half of 2017.