Moto Z Modular Smartphones

Alongside the launch of its Moto Z flagship modular smartphones at the Lenovo Tech World Event, Lenovo announces Moto Mods developer design contest. Going with popular old saying that money talk, it is pledging a $1 million cash prize to the winner. Apparently, Lenovo is the first company to offer a modular smartphone with G5, but they seem to be little tricky one. And, we have Google Ara, but unlike Ara phones, you can transform your Moto Z smartphones in a snap. That means you’ll be able to snap modules in and out of your phone on the fly without having to shut down the device.

Starting with, you’ve got three modules – a speaker, a battery pack, and a projector that are compatible only with Moto Z and Moto Z Force smartphones. To participate, developers have to purchase a Moto Z and an MDK (Motorola Development Kit).

Click here to know more details about the contest.


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