LG 360 VR

Alongside the G5 smartphone, LG has also announced a new compact VR headset, the LG 360 VR. The gadget sports two displays of 1.8-inch each with a resolution of 960 x 720 pixels. We’ve already reported that G5 packs compatible accessory modules like LG Cam Plus and LG Hi-Fi Plus, and the 360 VR is significantly designed to work with the G5 that feeds the headset over a USB Type-C connection.

LG 360 VRYou can either use Bluetooth headphones or plug headphones with the headset. Weighing 100 grams, the headset is lighter than the Samsung Gear VR.

LG 360Also, LG unveiled LG 360 – a small handheld camera to go along with the headset. The camera captures video using ultra-wide angle lenses mounted on the front and the back.