MasterCard reveals its new logo

MasterCard has revamped its logo, the first in 20 years. In fact, the new logo isn’t looking terrible, as the old payment processing giant has changed its logo to comply with the modern digital age. No more camel case; it’s just Mastercard in some cases now, but it is mastercard from now on, so we’ll be used to it soon. The logo still has the overlapping red and yellow circles but removed the pattern inside the overlapping area. The new logo is simplified with added clarity that gives it great visibility even at small sizes on mobile screens.

MasterCard has brought on the design firm Pentagram to redesign its iconic logo. “Everything has changed in the past 20 years,” Michael Bierut, the Pentagram partner who oversaw the project, says.

Many would wonder why the company would revamp its logo when its identity is easily recognizable. But, the fact is the company wants to show its identity fresh and services along with the re-announcement of Masterpass service. You may be one of 2.3 billion people who carry the company cards in their wallet.

“I would not even take credit for designing this mark,” Bierut says. “We took their DNA and went through this process of distillation. With each wave of simplification, it felt sharper cleaner and more flexible.”

MasterCard logo iterations

The company wanted to keep the overlapping red and yellow circles, so the designers have made a slight tweak, removing the comb effect; just you see a slice of orange where they interlock. Pentagram decided to place the MasterCard wordmark outside of the symbol and rendered it in lowercase font so that all 10 letters in the name could have circular curves in them. Because MasterCard issues cards through partner banks, the look of most cards is out of their control. By simplifying the logo, the company is eliminating some visual dissonance that occurs.

Change is vital for a company. Many financial institutions have changed their branding in the recent years, including Visa, that’s not too long ago. The new Mastercard brand identity goes into effect along with Masterpass later this month and will proliferate across the company’s full range of services and experiences in the autumn.