SQL Server

Microsoft has announced that it will bring its relational database product, the SQL Server to Linux in the form of private preview, with full launch targeting the mid of 2017. The private preview of SQL Server on Linux is available starting today that brings in core relational database capabilities in an early bird.

“This is an enormously important decision for Microsoft, allowing it to offer its well-known and trusted database to an expanded set of customers”, said Al Gillen, group vice president, enterprise infrastructure, at IDC. “By taking this key product to Linux Microsoft is proving its commitment to being a cross-platform solution provider. This gives customers choice and reduces the concerns for lock-in. We would expect this will also accelerate the overall adoption of SQL Server.”

SQL Server on Linux will provide customers with even more flexibility in their data solution. One with mission-critical performance, industry-leading TCO, best-in-class security, and hybrid cloud innovations – like Stretch Database which lets customers access their data on-premises and in the cloud whenever they want at low cost – all built in.

The announcement comes ahead of Microsoft’s SQL Server 2016 Thursday event in New York. Microsoft will be launching its SQL Server 2016 at the event. The SQL Server 2016 comes with a number of features, including better in-memory database, R, and data warehousing support, as well as new mobile apps for business intelligence.

Microsoft says it is using its SQL Server 2016 code-base to power more than 1.4 million SQL databases in its Azure cloud over the last year. SQL Server 2016, which is currently available as a public preview, will become generally available later this year.