Sony IoT devices

Alongside the new Xperia X smartphone family, Sony has also unveiled some handful of accessories and intriguing tech at the MWC conference 2016. These include Xperia Ear, Xperia Eye, Xperia Projector and finally the Xperia Agent. Among these, only the Xperia Ear is an actual product and the rest are merely concepts at this point. Let’s see them in detail.

Xperia Ear

The name speaks a lot, it’s a small wireless earpiece with a sleek design and that serves you more than a normal handsfree. Its integrated voice technology keeps users updated with most useful information such as incoming calls, messages, calendar events, weather, traffic, and news reports. The device responds as well, so you can easily interact with the device for the aforementioned services, initiate calls, or more tasks than you’d expect.

xperia earThe device connects to your handset via Bluetooth or NFC, and it is built for continuous wear, with IPX2 water protection. The device will come in Graphite Black, which is expected to hit the shelves by summer.

Xperia Eye

The Xperia Eye is a wearable camera that features a 360-degree spherical lens for a natural field of view. The tiny camera can be easily clipped on to your clothes and it is smart as well to respond to your voice commands.

Xperia eyeSony claims that its intelligent shutter technology has the ability to detect faces and voices and automatically capture images. The device is still in concept, and that the actual specs may differ from the actual product.

Xperia Projector

The Xperia Projector is a tower-shaped device intended for interactive interface projection on any convenient surface, be it a wall or table. From the demo, we assume that the device should be placed closely to the surface.

Xperia ProjectorThe device is equipped with Sony’s touch input tech, so you can interact with the device through voice and gesture.

Xperia Agent

Finally, an odd-shaped device comes in – the Xperia Agent. The device is equipped with a rotating camera, touch display and also voice interactions.

Xperia AgentThe device seems to be a home automation hub that can project contents onto screens, turn lights on or off, interact with users, and more.

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