Netflix for Android Lets Users Download Videos To microSD

The latest update of Netflix for Android users brings in a new feature which allows users to download Netflix shows directly to the phone’s SD card. This is similar to offline viewing where the videos will be stored on your phone locally, but this feature will prompt an additional option allowing you to choose either SD card or device storage for download.

Until today, Netflix was only offered a choice of downloading the videos to the device internal storage, which was really annoying for anyone having a phone with 32GB and gigabytes of external storage. Though, it is considered to be the most needed feature of the hour, there is a catch!

Users can download content to multiple SD cards, but there are limits for simultaneous download users can perform at a time. The downloaded content will be accessible only for certain time, meaning the content does expire, based on the content itself. So you can keep the content in your device SD card for a long time. Moreover, those videos will only play on the device it was originally downloaded. So if you switch the SD card to other device, it won’t play.

Although there are some restrictions, the offline download feature is much more convenient for Android users.

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