CES 2016: LG Launches Smart Security Home Automation Hub

LAST UPDATED: January 5, 2017
smart security home automation hub
smart security home automation hub

It’s odd to find gadgets in the market that offer both home automation and security, but LG has an answer and brought something new to this year’s CES. LG launched a new automation hub – Smart Security that serves as both a smart home hub, with Wi-Fi, Zigbee, Z-Wave and Bluetooth connectivity and a wide-angle security camera backed by ADT.

You’ll get notification from the hub when there’s unusual movement or changes in temperature, but a $20 ADT Canopy subscription will get you all-day monitoring with a dedicated response team. Suppose if there’s any break-in at your home, you’ll get immediate assistance at no time.

LG hasn’t really discussed details about the pricing or availability of the device, however, it has said that it should hit the U.S. sometime in early 2016.