MC10’s First Generation Wearable Tattoo – My UV Patch

LAST UPDATED: September 18, 2016
BioStamp Research Connect
BioStamp Research Connect

After making extensive research and analysis, MC10, a startup medical wearable firm will be announcing two new products at this year’s CES – My UV Patch and BioStamp Research Connect. The first product will be out for consumer use and the latter is specially designed to use in research environments.

My UV Patch has been developed in partnership with L’Oreal that let people know about their skin condition, which is exposed to direct sun. The Ultra-thin, a stretchable sticker is loaded with enough dyes that change color depending on how long it is exposed to the sun. To know how far your skin is damaged due to sun radiation, you’ll have to take a picture of the sticker with your smartphone and the companion app will tell you the rest. Apart from this, the app will give suggestion on how to take care of your skin, just the usual list seen on several health websites, but it reminds you often.

MC10's First Generation Wearable Tattoo - My UV PatchAlongside My UV Patch, the other product is for researchers who suffer from neurodegenerative disorders. It‘s an adhesive tattoo that looks like a band-aid, comes loaded with a handful of impressive technology. It hides several sensors and hardware inside its core. It includes an accelerometer, gyroscope, and hardware capable of monitoring the electrical activity generated by skeletal muscles, and a miniature ECG as well. There’s no word on pricing and availability, but these two devices are expected to get tattooed on people sometime this year.