Sony’s latest h.ear wireless headphones can deliver great music and more

LAST UPDATED: September 19, 2016
Sony h.ear wireless headphones
Sony h.ear wireless headphones

Sony unveiled its new h.ear wireless headphones at this year’s CES. These cans come in a wide variety of colors, and they’re nimble frame is one of the lightest encountered from the brand, which is impressive considering that these headphones harbor a Bluetooth battery, Active Noise Cancelling (ANC), and of course, on-board amplification.

Sony claims that its “h.ear on” cans use hi.res, the high-resolution compression used for Bluetooth transfer. Perhaps the most intriguing is that Sony bets big on its new LDAC coding technology, which claims to offer four times the audio resolution streaming as traditional Bluetooth signals.

Apart from h.era on, there are two more products in the h.ear series – h.era go and h.ear on and of course, both are wireless headphones. Sony isn’t talking about the price points of these extra bass lineups, just yet, which will hit the market sometime next year.