Project Fi

Google has announced that you no longer needed an invitation to sign up for Project Fi. The service took its wraps off ten months ago, a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO), was an invite only project until now, but it wasn’t that easy to get an invite. And, now anyone in the U.S. can simply sign up for the service without an invitation from the company.

Also, Google has announced that its Nexus 5X smartphones will be available for $199 off-contract that’s $150 less than its current retail price if you buy and activate it through Project Fi.

To recall, Project Fi is a wireless service that runs on the networks of T-Mobile and Sprint, based on the coverage in a given area –service switches between the networks. Customers are paying a base fee of $20 per month and an additional $10 per GB of data. The interesting thing is that you’ll be only paying for the data you actually use, and if you overpay for your data in a given month, Google will refund you the difference.

Unlimited domestic calls and texts, WiFi tethering, (3G) data coverage in 120+ countries, as well as international texts, are also included in the plan.

The only and the biggest setback to the service is that it supports only on Google’s Nexus phones. Fi also works on a number of LTE-enabled tablets, including the LTE versions of the current Nexus tablet line-up, as well as a number of modern iPads and Samsung tablets.


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