How to reduce data usage on Android Phones using Opera Max app

Apart from the browser, the Norwegian company, Opera has diversified its expansion in building apps for smartphones.

Opera Max is a data management and data savings app saves your data and gives you ultimate control over your phone’s data consumption.

Opera Max

Recently the company has partnered with 14 major electronics brands including Samsung, Xiaomi, Acer and more to let their smartphones have Opera max pre-installed. By 2017, more than 100 million smartphones will ship with its app pre-installed.

The company claims that the Opera Max will save up to 50% of data by compressing videos, photos and media across apps and website without noticeable loss of quality.

Also, it saves your phone battery by allowing you to block unnecessary apps running in the background.

And, the good news for YouTube and Netflix users is that this data savings app will save up to 60% of data while streaming videos without a noticeable loss of quality.

Samsung has already launched its On-series mobiles with the Opera Max in India and Xiaomi is in the process of testing the app on its MIUI7 environment, which is expected to go official in Africa soon.

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