SmartSensor Image stabilization

Besides Super VOOC, Oppo also announced sensor-based SmartSensor Image stabilization for phones for improved picture quality. The company claims that this will be world’s first sensor-based, pixel-level optical image stabilization technology on smartphones and also the smallest optical image stabilizer. That’s being said, this tech is similar to the tech integrated into several sensor-based mirrorless cameras, but this thing will be in smaller in size, though.

Oppo says that lens-based OIS has been used in phones till date due to the restrictions on size. , However, using MEMS (micro-electro-mechanical system), Oppo has managed to implement the sensor-based technology into smartphones.

“SmartSensor solves this problem, allowing for image stabilisation on three axes, pitch, yaw and the all-important roll. Making split-second adjustments with its comb-shaped monocrystalline silicon MEMS, SmartSensor achieves full three-axis image stabilisation in a mere 15 milliseconds,” the company said.

SmartSensor Also, the SmartSensor is power efficient as well. With its voltage-driven sensor, it reduces the consumption of power by a much as 10 milliwatts, which is merely 50 times less than the lens-based technology.

It adds that the SmartSensor remains precise to a vibration of just 0.3μm. “The size of a pixel is usually larger than 1 μm, meaning that SmartSensor is the world’s first pixel-level image stabilise… With SmartSensor, OPPO smartphones become like pocket-sized SLR cameras, able to capture life’s beautiful moments in breathtaking detail. Even when lighting conditions aren’t ideal, such as at a party or concert, SmartSensor ensures clear and bright images by allowing a longer exposure time.”

There’s no word on how soon when we can see either of these technologies on devices.

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