Super VOOC Flash Charge

Oppo today announced a new Super VOOC charging technology at the MWC in Barcelona, which is an upgraded to its VOOC Flash Charge technology. The company says that the technology will be utilized by future Oppo smartphones. Also, the company unveiled its sensor-based SmartSensor image stabilization technology for mobiles.

Oppo claims that the Super VOOC can charge a 2,500mAh battery in just 15 minutes. It can also achieve about 45% of charge in 5 minutes. The technology works over both microUSB and USB Type-C ports. The new technology requires the new Super VOOC Flash Charger plug, a new special cable, and a connector made from premium, military-grade materials. The company says that Super VOOC Flash Charge is completely safe that allows users to use the phone while it is charging. However, making phone calls are strictly prohibited.

VOOC Flash ChargeThe Super VOOC Flash Charge uses a 5V low –voltage pulse-charge algorithm that transmits power directly to the battery without any voltage conversion. Through this method, the phone battery achieves about 97% of charging quickly and efficiently. The company also recommends not to use other fast charger with the Super VOOC enabled Oppo smartphone because it will revert to normal charging instead. The Super VOOC will be employed in Oppo smartphones, once the technology clears all the eligibility criteria, maybe, we can see phones with this tech next year.

VOOC Flash Charge added an intelligent MCU chip (flash core) in the adapter in order to achieve revolutionary voltage open-loop and multi-stage, constant-current charging.

VOOC Flash Charge creatively changes circuit topologies, meanwhile creates an all-side, five-level protection technique from the adapter to the interface as well as the device, securing the safety as well as the speed.

Because of the difference in charging mechanism and efficiency, the temperature of a smartphone using VOOC Flash Charge remains significantly lower during the charging process than a phone using a high-voltage solution. VOOC Flash Charge-enabled devices will heat up by a maximum of only 3.3 degrees Celsius.

Because temperatures can be regulated so effectively during charging with VOOC Flash Charge, the smartphone can safely be used during the charging process. For instance, you can Flash Charge your smartphone while surfing the Internet, watching videos, or playing games.

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