Order a Daddy App Lets Women Order Sperm Online Just Like Shopping Online

An UK based sperm bank donor has launched a new app called the Order a Daddy mobile app that lets women to order sperm online just like purchasing your favorite gadget online.

Order a Daddy app is developed and launched by London Sperm bank Donors is headed by Indian origin doctor Kamal Ahuja says the app is the first of its kind that allows women to select a sperm donor of their choice based on several characteristics like ethnicity, education, height, hair color, eye, and skin color.

It is similar to online dating apps including the complete personal bio of the sperm donor who is going to be the father of their child. Women can pick a father based on his education level, behavior, job, attitude, and personality traits.

The app shows the feasibility of online market space. A woman who wants to order sperm sample online, she’ll need to choose the donor of her choice, pay for the sample online, and it will be delivered to the fertility clinic of her choice. A sperm sample will set you back by 950 pounds which translate to Rs. 82,000 of Indian currency.

Dr Kamal Ahuja, scientific director of the London Sperm Bank, “This allows a woman who wants to get a sperm donor to gain control in the privacy of her own home and to choose and decide in her own time.”

The app has met all the criteria set by the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA), which regulates in vitro fetilisation (IVF).

It is understood around half of the UK’s private and NHS IVF clinics have registered with the service.

The Order a Daddy app allows users to register their characteristic father donor and will receive an alter message when the donor is available. It’s an interesting app that reduces the stress of finding the desired characteristic of donor for their father child.


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