philips izzy series

Sonos, well known for its multi-room audio system, and companies have finally realized its market sense and started trotting out similar products of their own. Let’s start with Philips, which is debuting its izzy line at the CES this year. The new multi-room speaker system from the company is its “the Philips Izzy series,” which will be available in four different speaker setup options and it has a significant feature that differentiates it from its rivals. Instead of using an app or router to connect speakers as other speaker lineup does, Philips requires neither an app nor any additional software as the speakers itself create their own network and can be paired in a group of up to five with the push of a button.

The Philips izzy series have audio line ranging from portable to larger sizes and you can play the same music on all the speakers or split off for individual use. The izzy BM50 can play CDs and broadcast radio in addition to streaming Bluetooth audio from your mobile or tablet. It sports integrated speakers as well, so it can also join the izzy setup if you desire. And yes, you can beam CD audio and radio (and USB files) to all of the other izzy speakers in your setup. Philips hasn’t revealed any pricing info, but it is expected to arrive in May.