Play The OnePlus Trail Contest to win new OnePlus 3T smartphones and V2 EarPhones

Play The OnePlus Trail Contest to win new OnePlus 3T smartphones and V2 EarPhones

Ever since the debut of OnePlus smartphone, the brand has reached its height with series of premium specification smartphones, and the latest in the line is the OnePlus 3T. The smartphone is going on sale in India through Flash Sale model on Amazon India on 14th December. If you are a prime member you’ll have early access to the deal on 12th December between 2 to 3 PM.

During the launch of new flagships, OnePlus used to conduct contest and giveaway flagship (OnePlus 3T) and OnePlus accessories. This time, OnePlus is conducting The OnePlus Trail contest starting today (December 7) from 10Am to 8PM and offers a chance to win 6 OnePlus 3T and 20 OnePlus Bullets V2 Earphones.

The catch here is that you can participate the contest only through the mobile app. Download the app in case you don’t have the app installed on your phone. This offer is not valid for iPhone 4 and below and Windows Phone and also Amazon app for tablets.

How to Play The OnePlus Trail Contest

The contest is available only on Amazon app for iOS and Android. The OnePlus Trail Contest has two methods – ‘Fantasy Trail’ and ‘Tech Trail’. You need to choose any one of the trail and a user is eligible to participate only in one trail.

Choosing the trail will lead to the respective contest page that defines how to pay and proceed with the contest. The idea of the contest is to earn maximum points and the users having points above 500 will be eligible for the final.

Once you are on Fantasy trail or Tech trail, there will be one clue describing about a product and you will be required to go on the product page (which the clue hints about) in order to win the points associated with the clue. Thereafter, each clue will lead you to other clues. You need to click on 1+ trail icon on the respective product page to earn points.

Each clue will have 100 points associated to it and will keep leading to another clue. Each trail will have a total of 12 clues. Bumper clues with 300 points will be posted every 3 hours on the respective page(s) of each trail on the Mobile Application.

Each trail will have a set of clues that’s 12 clues for each trail. It is worth to be noted that a user is eligible only for a single trail at a time, so the first trail chosen by the participant will be considered. So be careful when choosing the trail.

A total of 6 contestants, 3 from each trail will be declared as winners. These 6 winners will be awarded 6 OnePlus 3T smartphones. Apart from smartphones, 20 participants will be selected at random lots and will be given 20 OnePlus BulletsV2 earphones as Bumper Prize.

All eligible participants are entitled to win either a OnePlus 3T smartphone or a OnePlus V2 earphone.

Steps to Play The OnePlus Trail Contest

  1. Log in to the Amazon app
  2. Click on The OnePlus Trail contest on the top of the page.
  3. Select your trail – either ‘The Fantasy Trail’ or ‘The Tech Trial’.
  4. Solve the clue on the respected Tail page to get to the next one.
  5. Each clue will lead to a product page.
  6. Once you have, identified the product from the clue, go to the product page and look for the “1+ Trail” sticker.
  7. Click on the sticker to earn points and get to the next clue.
  8. You’ll earn 100 points for every successful clue.
  9. Increasing points will increase the chance of winning an OnePlus 3T smartphone.
  10. Keep an eye on the bumper clue for 300 points, released every three hours.
  11. Earning 500 points will get you chance for entry for Bumper Prize for a OnePlus Bullets V2 Earphone.

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