Plex, the familiar media streaming app that helps to organize and stream the media on TV, gaming consoles, smartphones, tablets, and wherever else a Plex app exists, is now completely free on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Previously, the app is made available on both the consoles by purchasing Plex Pass, but now the core functionality of the app is available to everyone at free of cost. However, you will be able to enjoy only the limited options in free.

It works in its own way. If you have large collections of media files on your Pc or Mac, all you have to do is register a Plex account, install Plex’s media server app on your Pc or Mac, download and install the app for your respective console. Then, you can start streaming your favorite movie or music on any of the Plex compatible devices. Plex app will play any formats that are out there and compress it to great extent without the noticeable loss of quality.

Getting Plex pass will get you handful of features like premium media libraries, offline sync for mobile devices, cloud sync, and early walkthrough to the company’s apps. The Plex app also lands on the new Apple TV released last month.

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