Pokemon Go Buddy System Update hits Android and iOS How to Get More Candy and Experience

Niantic just released the Pokemon Go Buddy System Update to Android as wells as iOS platforms. The Pokemon Go Buddy System Update brings a new feature called the Buddy System that will help you to get more Candy and Experience. If you don’t mind walking, then it’s a great feature for you to grab candy for rare Pokemon.

Pokemon Go Buddy System Update hits Android and iOS: How to Get More Candy and Experience

With this Buddy System, you can choose whatever Pokemon you want as your buddy and start earning candies for that particular Pokemon. Just tap the trainer icon and the bar on the bottom left to see the buddy option. After that, select any Pokemon you want to be your buddy. Depending upon the Pokemon you pick, they will join you by sitting on your shoulder, or flying alongside you.

Much the same as the way of each Pokemon, you have to walk certain kilometers to get candies running from one kilometer to five kilometers and some Pokemon buddy requires past that. Each Pokémon is distinctive; Pidgeys just oblige you to walk one kilometer for a candy spawn, while Dratinis need five kilometers for its candy. At this point, there is no concrete amount of distance required for each Pokemon to collect candies and experiences.

Pokémon Go truly makes you pick which Pokémon to invest your energy creating. Do you walk your Dratini for quite a long time with expectations of it transforming into a solid Dragonite, or do you stroll around with your starter Pokémon and get the Charizard you had always wanted?  In the light of the fact that regardless of which Pokémon you picked, it has flawless IVs which imply immaculate details.

Pokemon Go Buddy System Update Download

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