Ingenious Tweak Turns Amazon Dash Button Into President Trump Combat Tool

Amazon Dash Button $5 ACLU donation

Ordering essentials with a press of a Dash Button is a pretty great deal, but a tech freak has other ideas. Nathan Pryor, a software programmer and a tinkerer, with an ingenious hack turned the Amazon Dash Button to donate $5 to American Civil Liberates Union (ACLU) with a push of a button every time when he read about American President Donald Trump and its new policies.

He arrived to make this program after listening his friend’s wish for a device that would let her donate to ACLU. “Why not push a button and do some real good?” Pryor wrote in a blog post.

Amazon launched Dash Button in 2015 which allows customers to order essential household items with a push of a button. Individuals can stick the device anywhere, which can be linked to their credit cards and customizable order of specific items on Amazon. Every time customer presses the button, the order will be placed automatically with amount debited from credit card.

In between, Amazon also introduced a customizable version of the device, which Pryor brought one for him, tweaked it with a simple program and tested it out. It works as expected and uploaded a video on YouTube with a caption, “I built an Amazon Dash button that donates $5 to the ACLU every time I click it, allowing an immediate, physical response when I read news of further assaults on our civil liberties.” He rose to fandom overnight with many asking him to make one for them.

“I’d love to see these become a real product with different organizations available, but it would need to be done with Amazon’s help since the Dash is their product and they’re a gatekeeper to the service,” Pryor said. Americans consider donations to ACLU itself a charge against the Trump administration, doubled after President Trump’s executive order of travel ban of refugees and Muslims from seven predominant countries.