Reddit User Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ Exploded Scorching his Nightstand
Reddit User Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ Exploded Scorching his Nightstand

It seems 2016 was a bad year for Samsung and its flagship devices. Earlier this year, as many as reports claimed Samsung Galaxy Note 7 explosions making the company to permanently scrap the device. Even the company rolled out a software update in the US that will restrict Not 7 from charging.

A Reddit user going by the name ReturnThroughAether posted that his AT&T-brand Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+ exploded on his nightstand this morning. He had mentioned that he is using the company’s original charger that came with the phone. He didn’t suffer any damages, but that wouldn’t help his Galaxy S6 Edge+ from damage.

Here’s his post:

“Woke up this morning (yesterday technically. 12/20) just in time to get ready for work and looked over to find my phone has exploded. Luckily I don’t keep it on my bed, as you can see it scorched my night stand. I’ve talked to Samsung and my carrier. The phone had no problems before, no overheating. I think I’m done with Samsung for a while, really gonna miss the photos I had from Africa in the fall. Dammit Samsung, I was still in your corner after the Note 7 stuff too.

UPDATE: these are my notes from a phone call that just transpired from Samsung.

Samsung called. David. Confirming reddit post and events. Probably charged 1-3 hours when it popped. Can offer a replacement if I ship them device, compensation for table. Can only offer a resolution if I send in device and after evaluation. Offered expedited service once it’s in. Call ended with them offering to send a return box to my address and my informing them that I was interested in retaining the device after speaking with an attorney that offered assistance.”

Earlier this year, a couple of Samsung devices, including the Galaxy Note 7 and the specific model washing machines got exploded, but this case isn’t going to alarm the company. The Galaxy S6 Edge+ was out for more than a year, and hasn’t faced any issues till now.

Yet, this case is a alarm for us reminding that our phone should be treated with caution and charged in places that have little chance of injuring people.