Reliance Lyf Smartphone Explodes, Man Narrowly Escapes From Fire

Reliance LYF Smartphone Explosion: Tanvir Sadiq, who is a close associate of former Jammu & Kashmir Chief Minister Omar Abdullah’s party tweeted on Sunday that his family ‘narrowly escaped’ from the explosion of the Reliance LYF Smartphone. He said the phone exploded and caught fire.

It’s not even a couple of months when we reported about explode of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphones at many instances that eventually made the company to scrap its flagship Galaxy Note 7 smartphone. In such related incidents, not less than 35 incidents reported about Samsung Washing machine explosions in USA. The company is closely looking at the mater

As the gadgets are exploding across the globe, the latest explosion was reported in India. Reliance LYF Smartphones are the cheapest 4G VoLTE smartphones available in the market right now. LYF smartphones are the subsidiary of Reliance Industries which saw a bump in sales after the launch of Reliance Jio, the best affordable 4G IP network in India.

In order to use Jio, one should have a 4G VoLTE enabled smartphone. As the LYF smartphones are the least expensive phones, people started to use them to avail Jio free welcome offer. Reliance, however, say that Jio is to empower India Prime Minister Modi‘s ‘Digital India’ vision, LYF smartphones are being imported from China which doesn’t meet global standards. On the other hand, Jio kills Modi’s ‘Make in India’ vision.

Tanvir Sadiq, who is the political secretary to the working president of the Jammu and Kashmir National Conference, posted photos of the exploded LYF smartphone on his twitter handle. Reliance immediately responded to his tweet saying, ‘’ Sorry for the inconvenience caused… As discussed we are investigating on this.”

Reliance issued a press statement after the incident reported, “LYF range of phones are designed and manufactured with global standards by some of the world’s leading manufacturers of mobile phones… We are concerned about the incident reported in social media and are taking the matter seriously. We are assessing the cause and will conduct a thorough investigation in the matter.”

It is not known how the consumer devices safety regulator ‘Bureau of Indian Standards’ certifying low-quality devices in India. As far as smartphones are concerned, they will be testing the batteries first and then the handsets.

If you’re a user of a LYF smartphone, then you could probably know that heating issue is biggest threat to LYF smartphones. You will not able to use these smartphones with data enabled for than an hour. The phones will get heated like an iron box.

Reliance has responded to the tweet; though will it the matter seriously? Customers’ safety is vital when it comes to consumer products. Such companies are concerned about their business, yet not on safety measures until some fate incidents are reported. These incidents won’t become a big issue, though.

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