Unaware of the real purpose of the updated privacy policy of WhatsApp, you might have pinched ‘Agree’ button. Or if you haven’t gone through the update status, you should be prompted with the new vague privacy policy anytime soon.

The new privacy policy says that you are giving full access to WhatsApp to share your data with Facebook. Facebook, in turn, analyze your data share it with advertisers to improve Facebook ads and products experience. However, there’s no mention about what type of data would WhatsApp collect and share with Facebook.

There’s a lot of debate going on about privacy with this regard. But actually, do we have privacy in the technology world. What you share online can be your biggest threat.

How to revoke it

If you haven’t accepted to the new privacy policy, just tap “Read” before you agree. Just uncheck the box or toggle the green switch.

whatsapp new privacy polocyIf you have already accepted to the new privacy policy and terms of service, you can still revoke it. Go to Settings > Account > Share my account info, and then simply uncheck the box.

whatsapp privacy policy toggleYou are done!

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