Noise app

The British musical firm – Roli has launched Noise, a virtual music app for the iPhone users. Dubbed the Seaboard rise, the Noise app is built on both the 3D Touch technology of the iPhone 6S and the company’s expertise in creating touch-sensitive music interfaces.

Roli’s Noise Musical Keyboard

The noise app transforms the glass surface of your iPhone into a powerful multi-dimensional music instrument.

Now, you can actually feel the true experience of 3D Touch technology. Peeking and popping feature of the 3D touch technology works well with the Noise app.

The unique playing surface lets you shape striking the surface, pressing into it, gliding your fingers from side to side, sliding your fingers up and down, and lifting off. Five Touch Faders let you fine-tune the touch-responsiveness of the surface.

The Noise app constitutes about 25 free exquisite sounds crafted by the sound engineers and each one sound different. If you want to expand your library, you can purchase add-on sounds from the store.

It is powered by equator and using MIDI over Bluetooth, the app lets you make multidimensional music anywhere, anytime you integrate Seaboard Rise and your iPhone.

Noise app Summary of Noise app:

  • Tweak your sounds with onscreen macro controls and XY Touchpad.
  • Vary the size of the keywave surface with 13, 17, and 25 keywave options.
  • Octave shift buttons and a sustain pedal add depth to real-time performances.
  • Control five dimensions of touch: Strike, Press, Glide, Slide, and Lift.
  • Purchase additional NOISE Packs in-app.
  • Recreate the Seaboard RISE experience on an iPhone 6s.

Noise appCheck out the video below that illustrates the working of Noise virtual music app: