Galaxy S7 camera

Samsung has finally unveiled the most anticipated phone of the year – the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge. As we’ve already discussed a lot about the new Galaxy smartphones, let’s have a closer look at the camera specs. The camera is the most fascinating element for any phone, and Samsung is very keen about the quality of the camera. This year, Samsung has improvised the camera module of the Galaxy S7 as well as included lot of new features.

Although, Samsung has scaled down the megapixel count of the new Galaxy S7 – 12MP, that’s lesser than the Galaxy S6 which sports a 16MP camera. But, Samsung has increased the size of the pixels (1.4μm pixel) and employs an F1.7 lens that makes the phone perform better in low-light condition, that’s 95% more than its predecessors.

With its new Dual Pixel sensor, the Galaxy S7 now focuses faster than any other phone. The first of its kind technology that has been integrated with camera module captures some brilliant clicks at blazing speed. Last, but the least, Samsung now uses Motion feature that allows you to capture some best-in-class moments of your life.

The Galaxy S7 has built-in Hyperlapse mode which helps to make digitally stabilized time-lapse videos. The Galaxy S7 is the first from the company to have this feature.

Let’s have a look at the official sample photos from Samsung taken with the new Galaxy S7.

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