Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

Samsung isn’t going to make any official announcements about their latest flagship phone until February 21st for sure, however, live images of Galaxy S7 Edge and LG G5 made rounds in original packing with valid IMEI numbers. A Dubai-based website has listed out the box contents images as well as prices of the upcoming flagship phones. You can buy these unannounced phones in Dubai, at least.

The Galaxy S7 Edge demands the highest price than the rumored price, at AED 4,500 (€1,100/$1,225/Rs. 84,000). The flat Galaxy is cheaper that the Edge, which bags AED 4,200 (€610/$680/Rs. 78,000) and LG’s G5 is a lot cheaper when compared to those, AED 2500 (€610/$680/Rs. 47,000).

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

The Galaxy S7 Edge takes the design similar to the Galaxy S6 Edge, sporting a home button below the screen and a glass rear. The contents of the box include a charger, a USB cable, a headset, and a USG OTG cable.


On the other hand, LG’s G5 sports a design almost similar to the Nexus 5X, the best design we’ve got from the company. The camera unit at the back has been stretched to accommodate the phone’s dual camera setup.

As per the listing, all have been imported from the US that reads, “Get before commercial launch, imported from the USA.” Since it’s not official, we’d wait for the official release before cashing out that much amount on these gadgets, but if you’d like to have the phone ahead of others, go ahead and shell out the cash from your pocket.

Samsung will officially reveal the handsets on February 21, with shipping starting on March 11.