Just few days to go for the CES 2016, Samsung has revealed a handful of products that they’d be showing on the floor. Of those, one product has created a huge hype among the gamers, which was the ‘Rink’. Samsung was pretty busy in developing its own controllers for Gear VR, the needed gadget for their mobile virtual reality experience.

Few days back, Oculus had pushed the launch of its own motion controllers to the second half of 2016. Likewise, other electronic giants are well concerned developing their own motion controllers.

Here’s the video:


The video description translates to:

Samsung C lab development challenges ‘rink’ is Samsung VR and interlocking gears, hand-operated controllers. Hand operation via a sensor worn on the hand may move the virtual reality contents, you can click or drag. CES 2016 showcase scene of demonstrations scheduled in the arena rink, Meet video!

Somehow, Samsung managed to get its controllers to the consumers really faster than other players like Oculus and more. There’s no word from the company about its price or ship date, but keep your fingers crossed, as you don’t have to wait for a longer period. You will get to know everything about this amazing gadget next week.


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