San Francisco Apple Store Robbery Video Goes Viral – Lighting Robbery

San Francisco Apple Store Robbery Video Goes Viral

San Francisco Apple Store Robbery:  The San Francisco police have released the video footage of Apple Store robbery at a commercial complex in San Francisco. The hooded robbers have looted gadgets like iPhones, iPads in less than a minute and ran off the store.

The Apple Store has been robbed for the second time by hooded gang of robbers, as they storm the store and took all possible Apple gadgets and flee like lighting. It should be the fastest robbery, while onlookers and staff members remain numb in shock.

These hooded robbers had robbed the Apple Store at San Francisco Marina District twice in a week – 25th November and 29th November. The modus operandi was the same. The Police have released the video to help identify the robbers. The video is the hot happening in San Francisco and goes viral.

San Francisco Apple Store Robbery Video:

In the first theft there were three guys and the second instance happened to have four guys. The staff members were stunned and didn’t prevent the robbery because as per Apple’s policy, they should not interfere with robberies for safety reason.

Moreover, Apple gadgets can be made useless, by locking them remotely and is easy to track them too. The estimation of robbed gadgets’ are not known and Police haven’t arrested anyone so far.

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