chromecast 2015

Google has upgraded its Chromecast and Chromecast Audio last September, but they are still due in all of Google’s various international markets. While the original Chromecast is currently available in India, the Chromecast 2015 and its younger sibling the Chromecast Audio are expected to be launched in India soon.

As they have been added to Google’s official hardware availability page, we can expect them to appear on the Google Store in India in the coming weeks. Despite they are listed on the support page, they haven’t made their way to actual online store – it’s a rare discrepancy.

chromecast audio

The second generation Google Chromecast saw a complete makeover in terms of design and hardware over the original Chromecast. Despite its new dressing, it still retains the same price tag of $35 as the original. The all new design saw an HDMI cable looped inside a circular Chromecast logo-shaped unit. The company also upgraded the internal components to make the new Chromecast more capable and added three antennas inside the device. The device supported 5GHz 802.11ac Wi-Fi for stutter-free high-quality streaming. It comes with a new feature called “Fast Play,” allowing the Chromecast to start a video or audio streaming much quicker to start, once users press the Cast button.

Google’s Chromecast Audio streaming device, on the other hand, also priced at $35 (INR 2,300) that lets you stream music to regular speakers directly from a smartphone or laptop. Since the device doesn’t compress audio while streaming, you’ll have original audio quality. It works with Android and iOS devices, apart from PCs. The device supports high-quality audio, 2 watts RMS, and an optional optical digital out that sits in the hybrid port.