holidaymakers took photos and videos of baby shark by thrashing on the shores

Why people are made about selfies? The stupid behavior of holiday makers at the beach in Bolneuevo in Spain had put a baby shark life at risk.

This madness isn’t going to stop. Recently, a group of idiots pulled a dolphin out of the water to take selfies and video and literally, they killed the animal.

A baby shark was beached on the shores of Bolnuevo in the Province of Mazarron, in Spain by strong winds. While the shark is battling to survive, the holiday makers grab the shark on the sand to take selfies and videos.

Red Cross coordinator Andres Lopez at the spot had to put a perimeter in place to stop brainless people attempting to snap photo.

When the swimmers spotted the fin of a shark at the swimming area, they immediately evacuated from water to avoid possible incidents. The shark was completely beached on the sand within minutes and people out there started to “get a hold of it to take photos,” he said.

They had to establish a perimeter to save the animal. After learning that the shark is not injured, “we tied it with some cables and towed it out with a rescue jet some three or four miles out to sea so it could go on its way.”

“They are not dangerous animals that attack people, although if somebody crosses them and hits them, they could defend themselves such as in the case of Arenales del Sol in Elche, where one of these specimens bit a bather this summer,” Lopez said.

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