Samsung Note 2 Exploded Mid-Air Onboard an IndiGo Flight at Chennai
Samsung Note 2 Exploded Mid-Air Onboard an IndiGo Flight at Chennai

A couple of weeks ago, Samsung got into a big trouble after several reports posted on social forums claiming that its latest Galaxy Note 7 catches fire due to overheating problems. Samsung made a global recall of its latest Galaxy Note 7 and is going to replace them with brand new tweaked Galaxy Note 7 or Galaxy S6 or S6 Edge.

Over the past few weeks, several complaints have been raised over Samsung smartphone getting exploded while using them. Adding to the latest of the incident, a Samsung Galaxy Note 2   was caught fire on a mid-air Indigo flight today morning.

Samsung Note 2 Exploded Mid-Air Onboard an IndiGo Flight at Chennai

The Samsung Note 2 burst into flames on an International IndiGo Flight that departed to Chennai from Singapore and the incident happened in mid-air when the flight was about to land at the Chennai International Airport.

According to cabin crew, the Galaxy Note 2 was kept in the overhead receptacle, and they aren’t aware of the issues why the smartphone caught fire. They also said that it is not known whether the passenger switched off the mobile or not.

As soon as the phone exploded, the cabin crew rushed to the spot with fire extinguishers and put off the flame. A representative for the controller Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) said no harm was brought on to the plane or travelers.

“IndiGo affirms that a couple of travelers going on 6E-054 flight from Singapore to Chennai saw the smoke smell in the lodge at the beginning of today (September 23, 2016) and quickly cautioned the cabin team on load up.

“The team immediately distinguished minor smoke originating from the cap rack of seat 23 C and all the while educated the Pilot-in-Command who further alarmed the ATC of the circumstance on board,” the aircraft said.

“Taking the careful step, the lodge group on need migrated all travelers on different seats, and further watched smoke being discharged from a Samsung note 2 which was set in the stuff (of a traveler) in the overhead container. The group released the flame douser which is according to the Standard Operating Procedures recommended by the flying machine producer, and immediately exchanged the Samsung note 2 into a compartment loaded with water in toilet, “the announcement said.


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