Microsoft Surface Pro 3 battery issues

If you think that your Surface Pro 3 battery draining issue is a hardware one, then probably you are wrong. Microsoft reported that the battery shrinking problem in Surface Pro 3 was a software problem and there’s no need to worry about innards.

Microsoft is now building a patch that should eliminate the Surface Pro 3 battery draining issue. The company will release the update as soon as the patch passes testing. Microsoft has also asked the owners of the tablet that hardware replacement isn’t necessary and it is not advisable too.

The news left most of the Surface Pro 3 owners worried as they have already spent over $450 for the replacement which isn’t necessary. Also, the rest of them are worried that the tablet will be useless until the patch is released. There’s no word on whether Microsoft will offer some sort of compensation for the troubles. We’ll update it once we learn about it.

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